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check out

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to pay for items in a supermarket or other large store, often by waiting in one of the lines.
It takes quite a long time to check out at the grocery store in the early evening.
definition 2: to register the fact that one is borrowing (books or other materials from a library or other lending place).
You can check out your books at the desk over there, or you can check them out yourself with the scanner.
definition 3: to say officially that you are leaving your hotel room and to pay the bill.
We have to check out before noon.
definition 4: (informal) to try out or take a look at (something or someone) in order to evaluate or form an opinion; inspect; examine.
Let's check out that new restaurant on the corner tonight.This is a great website for recipes. You should really check it out.Her father always feels the need to check out her boyfriends.
definition 5: (informal) to look at and evaluate (someone) in terms of their physical attractiveness.
The men were checking out the women as they walked past.