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parts of speech:
preposition, adverb
by and by, by and large
Homophone Note
part of speech: preposition
definition 1: next to; near.
the trees by the path
similar words:
definition 2: as the means of; on.
We travel by rail.
definition 3: beyond; past.
The bus went by the stop.
definition 4: made or created through the efforts of.
a play by Shaw
definition 5: at or before a certain time.
Get here by tomorrow.
definition 6: through the action or authority of.
hit by a carsold by the agent
definition 7: in accordance with.
Play by the rules.
definition 8: within the period of time of; during.
We will work by day.
definition 9: in succession; after.
We walked two by two.
definition 10: on behalf of.
The father who worked hard did well by his family.
definition 11: according to (some unit of measure).
He charges by the hour and sells by the pound.
definition 12: in arithmetic, for multiplication of one number times another.
multiplying three by six
definition 13: in arithmetic, for division of one number into another.
dividing eighteen by two
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: at or on hand; nearby.
a hospital close by
definition 2: to and past a point of observation or reference.
A train sped by.
definition 3: past in time.
the years gone by
phrase: by and by, by and large
Homophone Note
Are you looking for the word buy (to purchase)? By and buy sound alike but have different meanings.