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hang out

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: (informal) to spend a lot of time at a place with no particular purpose.
Kids are always hanging out on the street corner.
definition 2: (informal) to spend time with others in a relaxed way.
Come and hang out with us tonight.He's okay, but he's really not much fun to hang out with.
definition 3: to stick out and hang downwards.
He had a handkerchief hanging out of his back pocket.You can't go in there with your shirt hanging out.The poor dog was hot and his tongue was hanging out.
definition 4: to hang (a banner, flag, sign, or the like) from the side of a building, often from a pole.
My parents hang out their flag on Memorial Day.The restaurant hung out a new sign advertising the reopening.
definition 5: to hang (clothes) from a clothesline to dry.
She didn't hear me because she was outside hanging out the laundry.
definition 6: to lean out of (something).
People were hanging out their windows to see the parade.