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parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an outdoor place where tents or temporary shelters are set up.
We set up our tent in a camp by the lake.
campground, campsite, encampment
similar words:
bivouac, cantonment, lodging, quarters
definition 2: one or a group of cabins, tents, or other rough shelters.
The refugee camp consists of hundreds of tents and wooden huts.
similar words:
barracks, cabin, cottage, lodge, tent
definition 3: the people in such cabins, tents, or shelters.
Howling wolves kept the whole camp awake last night.
similar words:
cottagers, lodgers
definition 4: a place or program that provides recreational or instructional activities, and often overnight accommodations in a rustic setting, for children when they are on vacation from school.
Our son did a lot of outdoor sports and made some good friends while he was at camp last summer.She'll attend tennis camp this summer to improve her tennis skills.
definition 5: a preseason training period for sports teams.
Training camp offers players the practice they need before the regular season begins.
definition 6: a group of persons united by a common idea or belief.
He's gone over to the Democratic camp.
party, sect
similar words:
circle, clan, clique, coterie, faction, group, in-group, set
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: camps, camping, camped
definition 1: to establish a temporary shelter or camp; make camp.
Let's stop here and camp by the river.
similar words:
backpack, bivouac
definition 2: to stay for a while in a tent or other temporary outdoor shelter for the purpose of recreation or inexpensive accommodation, or as part of military operations (sometimes fol. by "out").
The soldiers camped at the base of the hill until their new orders were received.We camped in Rocky Mountain State Park during our last vacation.We don't stay in hotels when we travel; we always camp.The children wanted to camp out in the backyard, but their father said no.
similar words:
rough it, tent
definition 3: to establish oneself securely in a place.
We camped on her doorstep until she decided to appear.
similar words:
anchor, moor, settle, stay
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Word History
Camp is from campus, a Latin word that means "field where an army might stay."
Word Builder: camp +
  • camper:
    a person who camps.
  • campfire:
    an outdoor fire.
  • campground:
    a place for camping.
  • camping:
    the activity of staying in a camp or living for a short time in a tent for recreation.
  • campsite:
    a place for camping.
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