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break out

breIk aUt
part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to escape from a place where one is incarcerated.
They had broken out of prison the night before and were now in hiding.
definition 2: of a war or other violent conflict, to erupt; start.
He was out of the country when war broke out and was not able to return until it was over.
erupt, start
definition 3: of a disease, to begin to infect people and spread.
Yellow fever broke out in Boston in 1693.
definition 4: to erupt in a rash or blemishes (sometimes fol. by "in").
She hoped her face would not break out before the wedding.First he broke out in a rash and then he developed a fever.
definition 5: to go in a completely new direction, leaving others or one's old ways behind.
The artist was bored with his style of painting and decided it was time to break out.