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parts of speech:
noun, adjective
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the city where the central government of a nation or state is located.
The capital of France is Paris.
similar words:
center, city, headquarters, metropolis, seat
definition 2: an upper-case letter.
Names of months begin with capitals in English just like names of people.
cap, capital letter, majuscule
definition 3: money or other wealth owned or used by a business.
We will be expanding our business as soon as we get enough capital.
cash, finances, funds, working capital
similar words:
assets, means, money, reserve, resources, stock, supplies, wealth, wherewithal
definition 4: money or other wealth used to produce further wealth, as by investment.
They invested all their capital in the stock market hoping to make a large profit.
investment, principal
similar words:
assets, finances, funds, money, reserve, riches, stock, wealth
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part of speech: adjective
definition 1: relating to financial capital.
The plant will have to close despite recent capital investment.
similar words:
fiscal, monetary, pecuniary
definition 2: of primary importance.
Depression is one of the capital reasons behind employee absenteeism.
cardinal, central, dominant, key, paramount, predominant, primary, prime, vital
similar words:
crucial, first, foremost, main, major, preeminent, principal, supreme, ultimate
definition 3: being of high quality; first rate.
That's capital advice!
choice, classic, excellent, fine, first-class, first-rate, outstanding, quality, super, superb, superlative, topnotch
similar words:
bully, dandy, famous, matchless, peerless, preeminent, superior, tiptop, top
definition 4: pertaining to the official location of a state or national government.
They live in the suburbs of the capital city.
similar words:
central, major, national, state
definition 5: upper-case.
The first letter of your name must be written as a capital letter.
majuscule, upper-case
similar words:
big, large
definition 6: referring to the death penalty.
Capital punishment is also called the death penalty.Murder is a capital crime in some states.
similar words:
deadly, serious
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