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come on

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: used to urge or order someone to do something, especially to come forward, come along, or hurry up.
Come on! If we don't go soon, we'll miss the bus.Dinner is ready now! Come on!Come on! Come to the pool with us. It'll be fun!
definition 2: used to express disbelief.
Come on! You're kidding me, right?You expect me to believe that!? Come on!
definition 3: used to encourage someone to change his or her mood, atttitude, or opinion.
Come on. You can trust me. Tell me what happened.Come on. Don't be upset. I said I was sorry.Come on. It isn't that hard. I know you can do it.Come on. Just look at the facts, and you'll see what I mean.
definition 4: to start to function by the use of power.
The lights are programmed to come on at six p.m. and go off at midnight.It was so chilly this morning that the heating came on.The front burner won't come on for some reason.
definition 5: to arrive by degrees.
Evening was coming on and it was starting to get dark.I've felt a cold coming on since this morning.
definition 6: to begin to be broadcast.
What time does the football game come on?
definition 7: to enter a stage or a set in order to perform.
The warm-up band came on around seven, and their performance was great.When the first guest came on, the studio audience cheered.