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light up

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to suddenly become brightly illuminated.
The child liked to watch the numbers light up as the elevator moved from floor to floor.The forest lit up in the flames of the fire.
definition 2: to cause (something) to become full of light in one sudden burst.
The fireworks lit up the sky.They're going to light up the big Christmas tree tonight.
definition 3: to cause (something) to burn, or to cause burning in (something).
They went outside and lit up their cigarettes.The old man lit up his pipe.
definition 4: to make (something) appear bright.
The yellow walls really light up this room.
definition 5: to become radiant, as with joy or interest.
The children's faces lit up when they saw the puppy.Her eyes lit up when her boss brought up the subject of promotion.