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come down

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to move to a lower place or position, esp. to the ground or to a lower floor.
The cat was in the tree and would not come down.Tell your brother to come down for breakfast.
definition 2: to decrease.
Gas prices have begun to come down.Her fever is coming down now, so she'll start to feel better soon.
definition 3: to travel from a place that is farther north.
We hope you'll come down to see us in Florida next year.
definition 4: to extend in a downward direction.
The dress comes down to my ankles.The bedroom curtains come down to the floor.Her hair comes down to her shoulders now.
definition 5: to agree to a lower price.
He's asking $18,000 for the car, but I think he'll come down.
definition 6: of an airplane or other aircraft, to crash or make an emergency landing.
The plane came down in that field over there.The small plane came down in the mountains, leaving no survivors.
definition 7: to be passed down through time by tradition or inheritance.
These folk songs have come down to us from many past generations.The painting came down to me through my mother's aunt, and someday I will pass it on to you.
definition 8: to make a judgment in favor of one side or another.
The town council came down on the protesters' side and blocked the new development.
definition 9: to lose status or position.
The former star has sadly come down in the world of sports.