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bring in

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to use or get assistance from (a person or group with specialized skills).
We did most of the work ourselves but we brought in an electrician to do the wiring.The team brought in the kicker for a field goal attempt.
definition 2: to earn or secure (money) for the benefit of oneself, one's family, a business, or an institution.
With the money that she is bringing in now, the family can afford a larger apartment.Famous celebrities bring in a lot of money for the charity.Each performance brought in thousands of dollars for the concert venue.
definition 3: to involve (someone) in a discussion or proceeding.
Let's bring in the other witness now and see what he has to say.
definition 4: to arrest or conduct to a police station for questioning.
When the police received new evidence about the woman's husband, they decided to bring him in.
definition 5: of a jury, to give (a legal verdict) on a case.
After eight days of deliberation, the jury brought in a verdict of guilty.