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set out

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to start on a journey or begin an adventure.
The travelers set out on their adventure last week.The explorers set out on their long journey across the sea.
similar words:
set forth
definition 2: to have a goal or intention of doing something.
She finished all the things she set out to do in life and suddenly felt lost as to what to do next.I set out to do a lot of tasks today but I only completed half of them.
definition 3: to place (a thing or things) in a particular arrangement or location for use or display.
After she'd carefully set out all the plates for the guests, she began on the flower arrangement.
definition 4: to (present information or ideas) in an organized way.
He'd set out his argument well and the speech was indeed convincing.
definition 5: to mark out or detail (a plan for something) in its entirety.
She set out the whole plan for us and asked if we had any questions.