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go through

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to gain final and official approval.
Her promotion went through last week.The deal did not go through as expected.
definition 2: to pass through (a difficult or challenging time or experience).
You have my sympathy; I know you're going through a difficult time.I went through something like this too when I was your age.The business is going through a rough period right now.
definition 3: to look at and consider (each one of many things), usually carefully and methodically, sometimes in search of something.
She went through all of her father's papers after his death.The police went through each of the numerous closets and drawers.
definition 4: to experience or carry out the usual steps of (a program, process, procedure, or routine).
She went through her morning exercises with particular vigor this morning.He's going through drug rehabilitation again.
definition 5: to discuss, explain, or read each one of a number of items.
The flight attendant went through the safety procedures.The instructor went through the next week's assignments.
definition 6: to spend or use all of (what one has available).
How did we go through a whole gallon of milk in one day?He went through his inheritance very quickly.
definition 7: of a published book, to proceed through (a specified number of editions).
It was a popular textbook and went through five editions.