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bring out

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to produce and present (something) to the pubic.
The renowned chef will be bringing out her new cookbook this fall.The car company plans to bring out a new version of its electric car by the end of year.
definition 2: to make (something) more evident.
That color fabric brings out the green in your eyes.
definition 3: to cause to reveal in someone or something (a quality or trait that is normally hidden).
Sauteing brings out the sweetness of the onions.Unfortunately, my uncle brings out the worst in my father.Their piano teacher is known for bringing out the best in her pupils.
definition 4: to make (some information) known to listeners or readers.
The article brought out the fact that the polluting of the river had been going on for years.I'm glad that you brought that out because most of us were not aware that such a thing was happening.
definition 5: to make (someone) feel more confident and outgoing in a social situation.
She's very shy, but certain people are able to bring her out.