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throw out

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to put (something) into the trash or garbage.
I felt bad that I had to throw out my old sandals, but they were beyond repair.The cheese was all moldy, so she threw it out.
definition 2: to force (someone) out of a place, group, or organization.
The two men were thrown out of the bar for being too rowdy.After she discovered her husband's affair, she threw him out.Members can be thrown out of the club for breaking the rules.
definition 3: of a law court or similar body, to dismiss or reject (something).
That part of the testimony was thrown out by the judge.
definition 4: to put forward casually (an idea, suggestion, or remark); express.
We all threw out ideas on what food to have for the party, but we ended up doing pizza again.This may not work, but I'd like to throw out a suggestion for you to consider.
definition 5: to send out (heat); radiate.
There was a fire in the fireplace but it wasn't throwing out much heat into the room.
definition 6: put (something) out of alignment, esp. to twist or strain (a part of one's body), causing dislocation and pain.
My grandmother threw out her back last week.
definition 7: in baseball or cricket, to put out (an opposing team's player) by making a successful throw of the ball.
The runner almost made it to second base, but the first baseman threw him out.