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come off

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to become detached, removed, or cleaned away from a surface.
The stickers on the window don't want to come off.The ring came off easily when I put some soap around my finger.I scrubbed the table but the marks will not come off.My car had little damage except that my rear bumper came off.
definition 2: to be detachable.
Look. This part of the device comes off so you can get inside and repair it.
definition 3: to appear to others in a certain (specified) way, often unintentionally.
I know you were trying to be friendly but I think you came off rude.
come over
definition 4: (informal) of an event or project, to occur as intended, or to be successfully launched or accomplished.
They had planned a reunion, but it never came off.We've scheduled another meeting for next week--I hope it comes off this time.The project certainly did not come off the way we had hoped.I thought her appearance on the talk show came off very well.
definition 5: to fare in a certain (specified) way, esp. in a fight or contest.
The contender came off badly in tonight's fight.
definition 6: to stop taking (a drug or medication).
He had recently come off heroin and was trying to get a job.