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take for granted

take, grant
part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to accept (something) as true without thinking to question it; utterly assume; feel completely confident.
I took for granted that they were coming here for Christmas because they've always come here for Christmas in the past.We can hope that they will make the right decision, but we can't really take that for granted.She took for granted that her rich father would pay for the damage to her car, but this time she was wrong.
definition 2: to accept (someone or something) as part of one's life without question, and usually feeling little or no gratefulness or appreciation for what this person or thing provides.
It was only after his loving wife died that he realized how he had taken her for granted.We should never take the good things in our lives for granted. If we don't appreciate them, we may lose them.He took for granted his fine education, never thinking of how his parents had sacrificed to give it to him.