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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb, interjection
check in, check out, check up on
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an assessment or search to make sure something is correct or in order.
The stage crew ran a check of the sound system before the concert started.
examination, inspection, test
similar words:
checkout, investigation, perusal, probe, scrutiny, trial
definition 2: written instructions, usu. on a printed form, to a bank to pay money from an account.
She decided to pay by check instead of by credit card.
similar words:
certificate, draft, scrip, voucher
definition 3: a bill for food and drink at a bar or restaurant.
We were finished so I asked the waiter for the check.
chit, tab
similar words:
definition 4: a design composed of squares, usu. of alternating colors, or one of the squares in such a design.
The sweater is red with black checks on the front.
similar words:
hound's-tooth check, plaid, tartan
definition 5: a sudden or abrupt halt.
A sudden check of the bus sent the passengers off their seats.
similar words:
arrest, cessation, standstill, stay, stoppage
definition 6: something that restrains or limits.
My doctor says I need to put a check on my salt intake.With no checks on its power, the dictatorship stripped away all civil rights.
bridle, curb, damper, rein, restraint
similar words:
bit, boundary, brake, confines, constraint, control, damp, guidance, leash, limit, limitation, manacle, rebuff, restriction, trammel
definition 7: in chess, the situation in which a king is at risk of being captured by an opponent's piece.
With a move of my bishop, I put his king in check.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: checks, checking, checked
definition 1: to look over in order to verify correctness; examine carefully.
I checked my test paper and made sure I answered every question as well as I could.
inspect, look over
similar words:
confirm, examine, investigate, overlook, probe, proof, scrutinize, test, verify
definition 2: to look at something in order to get some specific information about the state of something.
I checked the turkey a few minutes ago, and it wasn't done yet.We checked the weather report before we left and decided to bring our umbrellas.Every morning, she checks how her stocks are performing.[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ] Could you check if my glasses are in the car?[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ]
definition 3: to put under someone's care temporarily.
We'll have to check some of our bags at the ticket counter.The restaurant has a place to check our coats.
consign, entrust
similar words:
commend, commit, deliver, leave
definition 4: to cause to halt suddenly.
She should have checked her dog when she saw the child coming.
accelerate, release
similar words:
arrest, balk, brake, control, end, leash, nip, rein in, stall, stay, stem, stifle, stop, throttle
definition 5: to put a verifying mark next to (often fol. by "off").
Please check off every item as you go down the list.
similar words:
cross off, mark, query
definition 6: to mark with a checkerboard pattern.
The curtains are dyed with a solid color first and then checked.
similar words:
definition 7: in chess, to move one's piece so as to put (an opponent's king) under attack.
I sacrificed my rook so that I could check her king on my next move.
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to look or make an inquiry for the purpose of obtaining information or verification (sometimes fol. by "on").
He checked to see if anyone was coming before he backed out of the driveway.[verb + infinitive ] I'll just check on the children to see if they're all right.Don't worry. The doctor will check on your wife's condition in the morning.
similar words:
ask, investigate, probe, question, snoop
definition 2: to turn out to be correct (often fol. by "out").
All the information the suspect gave the detective checked out.
similar words:
accord, agree, concur, correspond, tally
definition 3: to suddenly stop.
freeze, halt
similar words:
brake, break, end, stop
definition 4: in chess, to move a piece so as to put an opponent's king under attack.
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phrase: check in, check out, check up on
part of speech: interjection
definition: in chess, used to announce the fact that the king of one's opponent is under attack.
derivation: checkless (adj.)
Homophone Note
The words check and Czech sound alike but have different meanings.
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