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klae sih faI
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: classifies, classifying, classified
definition 1: to arrange or order with respect to type or class.
The museum's paintings are classified according to art movement and genre.
arrange, categorize, group, order, range
similar words:
assort, break down, catalogue, class, codify, coordinate, designate, digest, grade, graduate, methodize, organize, pigeonhole, place, rank, sort, type
definition 2: to assign to a particular category or group.
These rocks are typical of certain types, so they are quite easy to classify.He had been classified as a gifted student in elementary school.
definition 3: to specify (documents or other information) as being highly restricted in accessibility.
These documents have been classified and cannot be viewed without special clearance.
similar words:
conceal, restrict, withhold
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derivation: classifiable (adj.)
Word Builder: classify +
  • classified advertisement:
    newspaper advertisements that are in groups according to what a person or business wants to sell or is looking for.