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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
into thin air, off the air, on the air, up in the air
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the tasteless, odorless, and colorless mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases that forms the earth's atmosphere.
Fish do not breathe air as humans do.
similar words:
atmosphere, gas, oxygen, ozone, stratosphere
definition 2: all that is above the ground; sky.
The kite flew high up in the air.
heaven, sky
similar words:
airspace, atmosphere, ether, stratosphere, welkin
definition 3: movement of the atmosphere; breeze or wind.
We enjoyed the cool air coming in through the window.
airflow, wind
similar words:
breath, breeze, current, draft, waft, zephyr
definition 4: the peculiar character, manner, bearing, or aspect of a person or thing.
He has a strange air.
ambiance, atmosphere, aura, character
similar words:
address, appearance, aroma, aspect, bearing, cast, climate, complexion, demeanor, feel, impression, manner, mien, odor, spirit, style, tone
definition 5: (pl.) pretense or affectation.
She is putting on airs.
affectation, affectedness, pretense
similar words:
arrogance, pretension, swank
definition 6: travel or transportation by aircraft.
He sent them by air.
airplane, plane
similar words:
aircraft, jet, jetliner
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phrase: into thin air, off the air, on the air, up in the air
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: airs, airing, aired
definition 1: to expose to the air; place outdoors.
The maid aired all the quilts.
aerate, ventilate
similar words:
fan, oxygenate, wind, winnow
definition 2: to speak about, usu. in public.
It felt good to air his problems to a sympathetic listener.
expose, ventilate
similar words:
broadcast, display, present, publicize, vent
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Homophone Note
The words air, ere, and heir sound alike, but each has a different meaning.
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  • airbag:
    a large bag that fills with air to make a cushion when a car crashes. It protects the people in the car.
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