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k myu nih ti
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part of speech: noun
inflections: communities
definition 1: a well-defined area, such as a town or area of a town, where people live together under one government.
We are proud of our community and want to keep it safe.Our community has no public swimming pool and only one park.
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similar words:
city, district, locale, municipality, parish, town, village
definition 2: a group of people living close together or having shared interests and concerns.
The scientific community was excited about the new discovery.The mayor held a public meeting to get opinions from the community concerning the new library.There is a large community of teachers who use the internet to share their ideas and resources.
folk, group, people, society
similar words:
citizenry, fellowship, neighborhood, public
definition 3: the state of being joined together by having shared interests and concerns.
The annual block party gives people in the neighborhood a sense of community with each other.
association, fellowship
similar words:
friendship, organization
definition 4: in ecology, all the plants and animals occupying a particular area.
The animals in a forest community need trees for food and shelter.
definition 5: the general public; society (prec. by "the").
These criminals are a danger to the community.
folk, populace, public
similar words:
citizenry, commonalty, society
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