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Word Combinations (verb), Word Parts
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: consigns, consigning, consigned
definition 1: to deliver, transfer, or turn over to another.
He consigned his property to his sister and set off on his adventures.
definition 2: to place in the care or custody of another; entrust.
They consigned the teenager to a foster home.
similar words:
check, commend, commit, entrust, trust
definition 3: to send or present (merchandise) to an agent to be sold or stored.
She decided to consign some of her necklaces and hoped the shop would get a good price for them.
definition 4: to assign to a lesser place; banish, as from the mind; relegate.
She swallowed her feelings of rejection and consigned the young man to oblivion in her memory.The child was consigned to a small room in the attic.
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derivations: consignable (adj.), consignation (n.)
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