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parts of speech:
transitive verb, noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: controls, controlling, controlled
definition 1: to exercise the power to regulate, dominate, or manipulate; command.
You'll have to learn to control your dog.The country was controlled by the military during those years.
command, direct, dominate, lead, manage, oversee, regulate, rule
similar words:
administer, boss, domineer, govern, guide, influence, manipulate, restrain, ride roughshod over, subjugate, subordinate, superintend, supervise, sway
definition 2: to hold within limits; restrain.
He could not control his anger any longer, and he began shouting at the clerk.
check, contain, curb, govern, guide, hold, limit, rein in, restrain, restrict, stop, subdue
similar words:
bridle, chasten, constrain, determine, harness, hinder, impede, leash, master, repress, suppress, withhold
definition 3: to stop the growth or spread of.
Attempts to control the disease have failed.The farmers use chemicals to control insects and other pests.
confine, contain, curb, limit, rein in, restrain, restrict, stop
similar words:
constrain, harness, prevent, suppress
definition 4: to assure the validity of by providing a means of comparison, esp. in scientific research.
He controlled the experiment with subjects who were given a placebo.
similar words:
corroborate, validate, verify
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the power or authority to control someone or something.
The Americans took control of Guam after the war.It was a struggle to keep control over the unruly students.
authority, command, direction, domination, jurisdiction, management, mastery, power, regulation, rule
similar words:
charge, constraint, disposal, disposition, governance, government, hindrance, leash, restraint, restriction, say, supervision, sway
definition 2: the state or condition of being controlled.
The car spun out of control.
bondage, captivity, restriction, slavery, subjugation
similar words:
confinement, constraint, hindrance, restraint
definition 3: a means of comparison, esp. in scientific experiments.
Without controls, there is no way to evaluate the results of the study.
similar words:
definition 4: (often pl.) a device or set of devices for operating or guiding a vehicle or other machinery.
The co-pilot was at the controls when the plane suddenly lost altitude.
dials, instrument panel, switches
similar words:
adjustment, buttons, dashboard, gauges, gears, handles, instruments, knobs, levers
definition 5: a means of stopping or preventing the growth or spread of something undesirable.
pest controldisease control
check, curb, damper, regulator, restrainer, restraint
similar words:
bit, block, brake, bridle, ceiling, constraint, harness, hindrance, leash, limitation, obstruction, rein, restriction
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derivations: controllable (adj.), controlled (adj.), controllably (adv.)
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