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part of speech: verb
definition 1: used to express that there was ability to do something in the past, or that an action or state was possible in the past.
She could swim even when she was very little.He could be very kind sometimes.I couldn't sleep last night.
definition 2: used as a past form of "can" after verbs in the past tense that report speech or thoughts.
I can drive that truck, and I told him I could drive it!I knew you could succeed if you tried.
definition 3: used to talk about something that is possible in the present or future but not certain; often used in polite requests or offers.
Maybe I could do it tomorrow.Could you help me with this?I could bring it to you now, if you'd like.
definition 4: used to mean "can" but showing that the action or state mentioned by the verb is not real and depends on the condition mentioned in the other part of the sentence beginning with "if."
If I order the parts today, I could fix your car next week.If I made more money, I could buy a car.