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parts of speech:
intransitive verb, noun
creep out, creep up on
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: creeps, creeping, crept
definition 1: to move with the body close to or dragging along on the ground or other surface; crawl.
The baby crept across the carpet on her hands and knees.The lizard crept up the wall.
definition 2: to move with caution or stealth.
The thief crept into the room.The escaping prisoners crept through the tunnel.
similar words:
definition 3: to move slowly or intermittently.
The traffic was creeping along.
similar words:
drag, edge, wear
definition 4: to grow along a surface or in a continuous, unbranched line, as a vine or the roots of certain plants.
The ivy crept over the trellis.
similar words:
definition 5: to enter or advance unnoticed.
A note of humor crept into her remarks.Drowsiness crept up on him.
definition 6: to shift gradually out of place, as machine parts or loose soil.
definition 7: to have a sensation of tingling or a feeling of uneasiness.
When he tells that story, it makes my skin creep.
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act or process of creeping.
She suddenly felt the creep of a lizard across her arm.
definition 2: in geology, the gradual slipping downhill of loose soil or stones.
definition 3: (informal, pl.) a feeling of uneasiness or loathing as if in reaction to something fearful crawling over one's skin (prec. by "the").
I don't mind snakes, but spiders give me the creeps.That guy was giving me the creeps talking about the details of those murders.
definition 4: the gradual deformation of metal under prolonged application of heat or stress.
definition 5: (slang) a person regarded as obnoxious or disgusting.
similar words:
crumb, jerk
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phrase: creep out, creep up on
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