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Left Bank a section of Paris on the south bank of the river Seine, associated with artists, writers, and the like.
left field in baseball, the section of the outfield that is to the left of center field when viewed from home plate. [2 definitions]
left fielder in baseball, the player who is stationed in left field and whose primary function is to defend that territory.
left wing a faction of a political party or other group that advocates liberal reform or radical, revolutionary change, esp. in the social, political, or economic order. (Cf. right wing.)
left-hand on, toward, or pertaining to the left. [2 definitions]
left-handed using the left hand with greater ease or agility than the right. [5 definitions]
left-hander a person who favors use of the left hand; left-handed person.
New Left a radical political movement from the 1960s advocating revolutionary changes in the political, social, and economic structure of society, esp. U.S. society.
out in left field (informal) a position or opinion that is untenable, unlikely, or wrong.
right and left in all places or directions; everywhere.