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at every turn in every case or instance.
good turn a helpful act; favor.
out of turn not in correct order or sequence. [2 definitions]
turn a blind eye to ignore or tolerate behavior that is considered wrong, or that is against a rule or against the law.
turn around to move one's body or one's vehicle so that it is facing in the opposite direction. [3 definitions]
turn back to change one's direction and go toward the direction one has just come. [2 definitions]
turn down to decrease the power, volume, temperature, or brightness of (something), as by turning a dial. [4 definitions]
turn in to give or return something to an official person. [3 definitions]
turn into to change and become something else; transform. [2 definitions]
turn off to stop the power or flow of something. [3 definitions]
turn on to start the flow or power of (something). [3 definitions]
turn one's back on to neglect or abandon.
turn out to come to be in a particular condition or state in the end. [4 definitions]
turn over to move so that the part that previously faced down is now facing up. [5 definitions]
turn over a new leaf to alter one's behavior for the better; make a new start.
turn pro to become a professional at some activity, usu. a sport, that one formerly engaged in as an amateur or for pleasure.
turn signal any of the lights on a motor vehicle that flash to indicate that the vehicle is about to turn and to show the direction in which it will turn. Turn signals are located on both the front and rear of the vehicle and are activated by the driver.
turn the tables on to reverse an existing situation in order to gain superiority over (the opposition).
turn the tide to reverse or change significantly the course of events, tendency of opinion, or the like.
turn thumbs down to reject a proposal, plan, or the like.