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graphite a soft black or gray form of carbon, used in lead pencils, dry lubricants, and many other industrial products.
graphology the study of handwriting, esp. as a means of providing insight into the writer's personality.
graph paper paper printed with a uniform pattern of small squares on which to draw diagrams or plot graphs.
-graphy writing or representation produced in (such) a way or by (such) means. [2 definitions]
grapnel a small anchor with three or more pointed hooks or flukes. [2 definitions]
grappa an Italian brandy distilled from the pulpy residue of grapes that have been pressed to make wine.
grapple a metal hook with several claws used to drag objects closer or secure them; grapnel. [6 definitions]
grappling hook see "grapnel."
grappling iron see "grapnel."
grapy of, made of, or tasting of grapes.
grasp to take hold of with or as with a hand. [9 definitions]
graspable combined form of grasp.
grasp at a straw to seek anything, no matter how flimsy, that might save one from a predicament.
grasp at straws to seek anything, no matter how flimsy, that might save one from a predicament.
grasping overly eager to obtain material goods, sometimes to the point of ruthlessness; greedy. [2 definitions]
grass a green plant with narrow flat leaves and jointed stems, often covering lawns and meadows. [8 definitions]
grass carp a large East Asian carp that feeds on weeds and was brought to the United States to help clear plant-clogged rivers and lakes.
grass cloth a coarse cloth made of plant fibers such as jute or hemp, used for table linens or as a textured wall covering.
grass-fed of or pertaining to cattle that eat a diet consisting primarily of grass, or to beef produced by such cattle.
grasshopper any of numerous plant-eating insects with long hind legs adapted for jumping.
grassland a large tract of land mainly covered by perennial grasses and having few trees or shrubs.