Old Quiz Makers page.

In our new Vocabulary Center, we have changed the way wordlists and activities are made. The new vocabulary system has the following advantages:

  • The Wordlist Maker's new text analysis function allows automatic identification and selection of academic vocabulary - from our leveled "Wordsmyth Vocabulary Inventory" (WVI). It is very popular among teachers and language learners.
  • You can save a wordlist once and then use it with any activities.
  • These new HTML5 activities have a very easy-to-use print functionality, for blended learning processes.
  • You can also save a particular activity with particular settings in a Lesson.
  • Lessons can be assigned to a Class or a particular student from a class. You will then have access to students' results via the "Reports".

We recommend that you try our new Wordlist Maker with the new Activities. It may take some time to get used to the new features in these activity makers. Here is a user guide to help you master the learning curve quickly.

In order to use your old wordlists in the new activities, click "My Activities", select the activities, and click the "Extract Wordlist" button. These lists will be immediately available to use with all new activities. For more instructions, please see "How to extract wordlists from your old activities".

We welcome any feedback. Thank you for your support!