With the old activity makers (quizzes and glossaries) the word list that was entered was saved with each activity. That made it harder to re-use wordlists. In the new Vocabulary Center, users can create re-usable word lists that are saved separately from the activities. A list can then be used with any activity– study tools, games, or quizzes.

But what about the old wordlists? Now, with one click, you can extract the word lists from your old saved activities in the My Activities section (under My Wordsmyth). You will then be able to use the word lists with all of our new activities in the “Activities” section.

Go to My Activities under My Wordsmyth, where you can see all your old activities saved with a specific word list. First, select one or more of the activities. Then look for the magic button on the bottom right.

Click the “Extract Word List” button, and the word list will be saved and made immediately available in My Word Lists under the My Wordmsyth menu. You can change the name of the word list if you wish.

In this example, if you go to My Word Lists — under the My Wordsmyth menu — you will see that the word list extracted from the old Multiple Choice activity is already available for you to use.

Click on Activities from the (More) Options dropdown menu next to the list. Now you can use the list with all of the new activities.

Saving scores and other activities related information will come soon. Stay tuned!