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ihn skraIb
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: inscribes, inscribing, inscribed
definition 1: to write or impress (words or the like).
They inscribed her name on the gravestone.
definition 2: to write or impress words or the like upon.
The back of the pendant was inscribed with the words "To my love."
definition 3: to write one's name or a short comment or dedication in or on (a book, photograph, or the like given as a present).
He asked the composer to inscribe his copy of the sheet music.
similar words:
definition 4: to add (a name or names) to a formal or official list.
Each day more names were inscribed on the list of casualties.
definition 5: to construct (a polygon or angle) within a circle, or to construct (a circle) within a polygon.
She inscribed a square in a circle.
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derivations: inscribable (adj.), inscriber (n.)
Word History
Inscribe is from a Latin word that means "to write in." Scribble, scribe, and script have the same origins.
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