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parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb
draw the line, drop (someone) a line, line up, read between the lines
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a thin, unbroken, elongated mark, as made on a surface.
Notebook paper always has lines, but stationery rarely does.She drew a line in the sand with a stick.
hatch, stripe
similar words:
band, bar, furrow, hairline, limit, lineation, mark, outline, score, stria, striation, strip, underline
definition 2: a mathematical figure that is represented by a long, straight, unbroken mark with an arrow at each end. The arrows symbolize that the line continues endlessly in both directions. A line, as a mathematical concept, has infinite length but no width.
The lines intersect.
definition 3: a boundary or limit; point at which something ends or must stop.
The criminals crossed the state line.His behavior crossed the line this time and his father punished him.
border, boundary, edge, limit, outline
similar words:
bound, compass, demarcation, frontier, margin, mete, rim
definition 4: a string, rope, wire, or the like.
His line snapped as he tried to reel in the fish.Put the wet clothes out on the line to dry.
bowline, cable, cord, filament, hawser, painter, rope, twine
similar words:
clothesline, lanyard, sheet, snell, string
definition 5: a row of persons or things.
The line for tickets went all the way around the block.
queue, rank, row, string
similar words:
array, chain, concatenation, cortege, procession, range, run, series, single file
definition 6: a group of words that serve as a unit of a larger composition.
This is my favorite line in the poem.There is an error in the first line of the text.
foot, passage, phrase, stich, verse
similar words:
antistrophe, refrain, stanza, strophe, versicle
definition 7: a transportation system, such as a shipping line, rail line, or bus line, or a particular route taken by vehicles in the system.
When you get into the city, you'll have to change to another bus line.We took the subway to the end of the line.
similar words:
metro, railroad, railway, subway, transit, trunk line
definition 8: means of making a living; trade or profession.
His line was food service, I believe.I never found out what line of work he was in.
business, field, livelihood, métier, occupation, profession, trade, vocation, walk of life
similar words:
avocation, calling, career, game, job, living, pursuit, specialty
definition 9: a conducting wire or set of wires in an electrical or telephone system.
Damage to the power lines caused us to be without electricity for the whole day.
cable, wire
similar words:
circuit, coaxial cable, party line, telegraph, trunk, trunk line, WATS
definition 10: (pl.) shape or contour, as of a building, sculpture, or the like.
The design of the new building has very bold lines.
contour, lineation, outline, pattern
similar words:
design, figure, form, hang, profile, shape, silhouette, sketch
definition 11: a statement, often unoriginal and insincere, that is made to pacify, persuade, flatter, or charm.
He told her she looked like a goddess, but it was just one of his usual lines with women.Every time I called his office, they gave me some line about his being in a meeting.
definition 12: a very short written message; letter.
Drop me a line and let me know when you will be in town.
memo, memorandum, notation, note, word
similar words:
jotting, letter, message
definition 13: a doctrine or set of beliefs.
They adhered strictly to the party line,.
belief, doctrine, ideology, party line, tenet
similar words:
approach, canon, dogma, philosophy, policy, scheme, system
definition 14: in football, the players who form on the line of scrimmage.
The other team has a strong defensive line.
similar words:
formation, line of scrimmage, lineup
definition 15: (slang) a small amount of cocaine in a thin row for sniffing.
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phrase: draw the line, drop (someone) a line, read between the lines
part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: lines, lining, lined
definition 1: to take a place in a line (usu. fol. by "up").
The moviegoers lined up for tickets.The soldiers lined up for inspection.
similar words:
align, organize, range, rank, string
definition 2: in baseball, to hit the ball in a more or less straight line.
The batter lined to third.
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to cause to form into a line or row (usu. fol. by "up").
The teachers lined up the children.She lined up the rocks in her collection.
array, queue, range
similar words:
align, arrange, marshal, rank, regiment, row, straighten, string
definition 2: to form a line along (a street or other pathway).
Crowds of people lined the street to watch the parade.
definition 3: to arrange for or organize; make ready (fol. by "up").
The politicians lined up support for the new bill.
arrange, enlist, marshal, organize
similar words:
employ, engage, enroll, get, reserve, secure, sign up
definition 4: to mark with a line or lines.
I used a ruler to line my paper.
crosshatch, groove, hatch, rule, striate, underline, underscore
similar words:
belt, delineate, draft, draw, furrow, incise, inscribe, score, sketch, streak, trace
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phrase: line up
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