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parts of speech:
noun, adjective, intransitive verb, transitive verb
work out
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: physical or mental effort directed toward achieving some result; labor.
It required a lot of work to renovate that old house.I just relaxed over the weekend and didn't do any work.
exertion, labor, toil
leisure, play
similar words:
action, drudgery, effort, elbow grease, grind, industry, moil, service, struggle, travail, trouble
definition 2: a task or project that uses such effort; undertaking.
The work on the highway is not finished yet.
job, project, task, undertaking
similar words:
activity, assignment, charge, chore, commission, duty, endeavor, exercise, function, mission, office, stint
definition 3: something made or accomplished as the result of such effort.
The museum has many priceless works of art.I enjoyed the author's earlier works more than his later works.
creation, deed, product
similar words:
accomplishment, achievement, act, artifact, composition, effort, exploit, feat, fruit, handiwork, masterpiece, oeuvre, opus, piece
definition 4: the activity involved in a job; employment.
I love my work, but it doesn't pay very well.My husband hasn't had any work for six months.
employment, job, occupation, position
similar words:
business, career, field, labor, line, livelihood, métier, profession, pursuit, trade, vocation
definition 5: (pl.) the location or operation of a particular business or industry.
The steel works closed down some years ago.
factory, plant
similar words:
business, enterprise, foundry, mill, shop, yard
definition 6: (pl.) the whole range of items that are offered or available (prec. by "the").
I just get mustard on my hot dog, but he gets the works.I went to the hair salon and asked for the works, so I came home with a wash, a cut, a perm, and a new hair color.We like all the toppings, so we ordered a pizza with the works.
definition 7: (pl.) a harsh beating (prec. by "the").
The bullies gave him the works.
abuse, beating
similar words:
going-over, thrashing
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part of speech: adjective
definition: of, for, or pertaining to work.
a work uniform
similar words:
business, career, industrial, occupational, official, professional, vocational, workaday, working
part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: works, working, worked
definition 1: to exert one's energy to achieve some result; labor; toil.
I worked very hard today and now I'm tired.
labor, toil
similar words:
act, apply oneself, drudge, moil, plod, plug away, ply, slave, strain, strive, struggle, sweat, try
definition 2: to be employed; have a job.
She works at the bank.He works for an insurance company.She's no longer working; she retired last year.
definition 3: to function properly; operate.
That washing machine doesn't work.The cash register is old but it still works.
function, operate, run
similar words:
act, go, handle, perform
definition 4: to be successful; act effectively.
The plan is working very well.We tried that strategy, but it didn't work.
succeed, suffice
similar words:
avail, do, go, play, produce, serve, take
definition 5: to change into a specified condition by gradual or repeated movement (often fol. by up, free, loose, or the like).
The knot worked loose.
similar words:
definition 6: to have an impact or influence.
This cleaning fluid works on even tough stains.
definition 7: to move as the result of pain or emotion.
Her face worked just before she started to cry.
similar words:
contort, grimace, twist, writhe
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: works, working, worked, wrought
definition 1: to use; operate; handle.
Do you know how to work the oven?
handle, operate, use
similar words:
activate, busy, control, employ, manage, manipulate, ply, run, wield
definition 2: to cause to be or happen; bring about.
That medicine worked wonders on my poison ivy.They expect the president to work miracles.
cause, effect, effectuate
similar words:
accomplish, arrange, beget, contrive, do, engender, execute, make, manage, perform, produce, wreak
definition 3: to exert physical effort upon; manipulate; form.
The baker worked the dough until it was stiff.The blacksmith wrought the iron expertly.
fashion, form, manipulate, mold
similar words:
beat, cultivate, embroider, forge, handle, knead, make, model, press, shape, stir, till, tool, train
definition 4: to excite; provoke.
The band worked the audience into a frenzy.
excite, provoke
similar words:
incite, inspire, move, prompt, rouse, stir, sway
definition 5: to cause to produce, act, or do work.
The trainer worked the horses hard.
similar words:
drill, drive, exercise, exploit, manage, press, push, sweat, train, utilize
definition 6: to solve (a problem) through mental activity (usu. fol. by "out").
The math problem was challenging, but she finally worked it out.
similar words:
crack, do, figure, get, puzzle out
definition 7: to reach (a particular place or condition) by gradual or repeated effort.
She worked her way up the mountain.
similar words:
advance, inch, maneuver, plod, push, worm
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phrase: work out
derivations: workable (adj.), worker (n.)
Word Builder: work +
  • workday:
    the amount of time out of 24 hours you spend working.
  • worker:
    a person who works.
  • worksheet:
    a sheet of paper on which you do written work.
  • workstation:
    the area in a workplace where you do your work.
  • work-study:
    a program that helps you find a part-time job to pay for your college education.
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