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parts of speech:
transitive verb, noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: guides, guiding, guided
definition 1: to direct along an unfamiliar course.
The local woman guided the downed pilot to a safe hiding place.
conduct, direct, lead, pilot
similar words:
beacon, drive, head, navigate, orient, show, tutor
definition 2: to lead (a group) on a tour or excursion.
She guided the tour group through the museum.
conduct, lead, pilot
similar words:
accompany, attend, convoy, escort, usher
definition 3: to offer counsel or advice to.
I'll guide you through the mortgage application process.
advise, counsel, steer, tutor
similar words:
educate, inform, instruct, teach
definition 4: to influence or control.
Who is really guiding the country right now?The helmsman guided the ship with great care.
command, control, direct, influence, lead, manage, sway
similar words:
convince, drive, govern, manipulate, persuade, rein
definition 5: to help or lead (someone) to do something.
The therapist guided the patient to turn onto his side.Her conscience guided her to tell the truth to the police.
similar words:
drive, help, lead
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: one who points out the way or leads others.
The guide led us up the mountain.
adviser, conductor, counselor, leader, pilot
similar words:
beacon, captain, coach, controller, educator, guru, instructor, manager, master, mentor, preceptor, teacher, tutor
definition 2: one who accompanies tourists and provides commentary about points of interest.
Our guide on the bus gave us interesting information about all the sights.
cicerone, conductor, pilot
similar words:
definition 3: a manual; guidebook.
I brought along my guide to American birds on our hike.
guidebook, handbook, manual, vade mecum
similar words:
Baedeker, bible, catalogue, itinerary
definition 4: a device that controls or limits a function or movement.
Slip the paper between the paper guides.
similar words:
indicator, pointer
definition 5: something that indicates direction; guidepost.
The North Star was the sailor's guide.
guidepost, landmark
similar words:
beacon, indicator, lodestar, mark, pointer, sign
definition 6: (cap.) a member of the Guides, a world-wide organization for girls that teaches practical skills and independence.
As a Guide, she learned how to swim and how to paddle a canoe.
similar words:
Girl Scout
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