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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: or i nt [or] or i ent
definition: (cap., outdated) the regions east and southeast of southern Europe, esp. the Far East (usu. prec. by "the"); the East.
The English traders returned from the Orient bringing tea and spices.
East, Far East
similar words:
Asia, Near East
part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: o ri ent
inflections: orients, orienting, oriented
definition 1: to find the position of with respect to the points of the compass.
The lost hikers oriented themselves by locating the North Star.
similar words:
locate, set, situate
definition 2: to acquaint or familiarize (someone) with new surroundings or circumstances.
This program will orient the new students to college life.
acquaint, familiarize
similar words:
acclimate, acclimatize, condition, habituate
definition 3: to place or arrange in a specified relationship to the points of the compass.
The architect oriented the house so that it would get morning light in the kitchen.
place, position
similar words:
definition 4: to adjust (something) toward or in relation to someone or something.
We should orient this ad toward working mothers.
adapt, gear, tailor
similar words:
accommodate, attune, fashion, suit
part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: o ri ent
definition: to become adjusted to an environment or set of circumstances.
She soon oriented to her new duties.
acclimate, acclimatize, adjust
similar words:
familiarize oneself
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Word History
Orient comes from a Latin word that means "the part of the sky in which the sun rises."