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kn dI shn
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a specific state of being or existence.
Being without pain is a condition that some of these patients can only dream of.The condition of absolute silence rarely prevails in a house with young children.I can't imagine what condition I would be in if such a tragic thing happened to me.
mode, situation, state
similar words:
life, phase, place, position, shape, standing, status
definition 2: state of health, fitness, or functioning.
The car is in poor condition after this last trip across the country.His heart is in very good condition for a man of his age.
health, order, repair, shape, state, trim
similar words:
fettle, form, kilter, mode, position, posture, situation
definition 3: a circumstance or provision upon which something else depends; prior restriction.
A quiet environment is one condition necessary for me to concentrate on my studying.She lent him the money only on the condition that he pay her back in one week.He agreed to give information to the police only on condition of anonymity.
circumstance, necessity, precondition, provision, proviso, requirement, sine qua non
similar words:
consideration, modification, picture, postulate, prerequisite, qualification, relative, restriction, stipulation, term
definition 4: a bodily disorder.
She has a back condition that has kept her out of work for months.The doctor says his condition is improving and he'll be out of the hospital soon.
ailment, disorder, infirmity, malady
similar words:
complaint, illness, problem, sickness, syndrome
definition 5: (pl.) circumstances or features of one's environment, esp. as they have an impact on or determine a particular activity or process.
Having little money and being constantly on the move were the conditions my brother and I grew up under.We're lucky to have perfect skiing conditions today.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: conditions, conditioning, conditioned
definition 1: to make fit, healthy, or ready for use.
I'm conditioning my boots so they'll be more water-resistant.He's conditioning himself for the upcoming race.
prepare, ready, repair, restore, tone, train
similar words:
coach, equip, exercise, warm up
definition 2: to make used to; accustom.
Living in the desert conditioned her to extreme heat.He conditioned himself to the idea that he would never walk again.
familiarize, habituate
similar words:
acclimate, acclimatize, accustom, harden, inure, precondition, season, temper, train
definition 3: to impose restricting provisions on.
The government conditioned the deal on the release of the captured soldiers.
similar words:
covenant, limit, restrict
definition 4: to train to respond in a predictable or controllable way.
These men were conditioned to kill without remorse.We're conditioning our dog to lie down on command.
similar words:
brainwash, inculcate, indoctrinate, train
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