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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a connected series of railroad cars.
We had to wait a long time for the train to pass.
similar words:
cannonball, el, express, freight train, funicular, monorail, rail, railroad, railway, rolling stock, subway
definition 2: a long, moving line of persons, animals, or vehicles.
A train of mules carried the supplies up to the camp.
caravan, procession
similar words:
cavalcade, column, convoy, file, motorcade, parade
definition 3: an orderly sequence of things or ideas.
Your train of thought is very clear in this essay.
progression, series, succession
similar words:
chain, concatenation, row, run, sequence
definition 4: a group of servants or attendants; retinue.
The duchess arrived with her train of servants.
entourage, retinue
similar words:
attendants, claque, escort, following, servants
definition 5: the long part of a gown or robe that trails behind the person wearing it.
The bridesmaids walked behind the bride, carrying her long train.
similar words:
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: trains, training, trained
definition 1: to instill skills or behavior in through discipline or instruction.
He trained his dog to come when called.[verb + smby/smth + infinitive ] The guerrillas were trained to fight without regard for their own lives.[verb + smby/smth + infinitive ]
break in
similar words:
coach, discipline, domesticate, drill, instruct, inure, practice, qualify, school, socialize, teach
definition 2: to make proficient through instruction.
The swordsmen were trained by a master.
coach, school
similar words:
break in, discipline, drill, groom, instruct, practice, prime, qualify, teach, tutor
definition 3: to make (someone) physically fit, esp. by imposing an organized program of exercise and diet.
The coach trained him for the big race.
coach, condition, exercise
similar words:
prepare, prime, ready, work
definition 4: to cause (an object) to take a particular shape or form.
I can't seem to train my hair to curl.[verb + smby/smth + infinitive ]
condition, get
similar words:
force, make
definition 5: to focus; direct.
He trained his sights on the target.
focus, level, sight
similar words:
aim, direct, fasten, home, point
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to undergo or provide others with discipline or instruction in order to develop skills or attain proficiency.
These soldiers are still training.He was hired to train at the local gym.
similar words:
coach, drill, learn, practice, prepare, study
definition 2: to prepare oneself to compete, usu. in an athletic contest.
She trained for the Olympics.
similar words:
exercise, practice, prepare
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derivation: trainable (adj.)
Word History
The word train comes from a Latin word that means "to pull or draw."
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  pet, seed, vehicle, work