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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
make a living, make believe, make do, make for, make friends, make good, make it, make it up to (someone), make of, make one's day, make out, make over, make ten, make the best of, make up
Word Combinations (verb), Grammatical Patterns
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: makes, making, made
definition 1: to bring into being by constructing from separate parts.
The children made a model airplane.The carpenter made me a perfect cabinet for that space.[verb + object + object ]
assemble, build, construct, fabricate, form, prepare
similar words:
compose, concoct, craft, create, fashion, fix, produce, weave
definition 2: to create or produce.
The two nations made peace with each other.Who is making that noise?She folded the paper and made the shape of a bird.Their wise investments made income for their retirement.That silver mine made him a fortune.[verb + object + object ]
create, fabricate, form, manufacture, produce
similar words:
author, do, effect, engender, fix, generate, originate
definition 3: to prepare (something) for eating or drinking.
He makes dinner around seven.I made a sandwich for my lunch.She's making spaghetti with meatballs tonight.Let's make some lemonade.
definition 4: to put in proper order or arrangement.
I made the bed.
arrange, fix, prepare
similar words:
concoct, cook, get, whip up
definition 5: to cause to be.
The news made him sad.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ] His father said that soldiering would make him a man.[verb + object + object ] The successful ad campaign made the product known nationally.[verb + smby/smth + past participle ] Her bravery and devotion to the cause made her revered by all.[verb + smby/smth + past participle ]
similar words:
do, let, set
definition 6: to cause or force to.
The jokes made the audience laugh.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ] The paper was so messy that the teacher made the student rewrite it.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ] His captors made him sign a confession.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ] The rain made the river flood.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ]
similar words:
compel, constrain, convince, demand, force, get, induce, insist, persuade, pressure, require
definition 7: to place in the position of; appoint.
They made him head of the chemistry department.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ]
appoint, name
similar words:
designate, install
definition 8: to amount to.
Two and six make eight.
amount to, equal, reach
similar words:
definition 9: to earn or gain.
The head of the company makes a lot of money.
clear, earn
similar words:
accumulate, acquire, amass, bag, gain, garner, get, net, obtain, pocket
definition 10: to arrive at or in time for.
Did you make the bus?I'm sorry I couldn't make your party on Saturday. I got tied up.
similar words:
intercept, nab
definition 11: to come to be, as by effort.
I'm sure she'll make a good doctor.
definition 12: to judge (usu. fol. by "of").
Can you make anything of this situation?
similar words:
appraise, consider, deem, estimate, gauge, judge, reckon, regard, think
definition 13: (informal) to attain (a certain position or status).
Our basketball team made number one last season.He was devastated when he didn't make sergeant.
similar words:
arrive, attain
definition 14: (informal) to be accepted as a member by demonstrating the necessary skills.
She's a great player, but is she good enough to make the team?
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to be in the process of action.
We made ready to go.
similar words:
definition 2: to proceed or go.
The dog made after us.The escaped prisoners made for the river.
similar words:
advance, move, proceed
definition 3: to have a specified effect.
The location of the apartment makes for convenience.
similar words:
afford, allow, encourage, permit, provide
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phrase: make a living, make believe, make do, make for, make friends, make good, make it, make of, make one's day, make out, make over, make ten, make the best of, make up
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the style, form, or brand of something.
What make of car is that?
brand, brand name, kind, sort, trade name, type
similar words:
label, model, trademark
definition 2: (slang) identification of a suspect.
Can we get a make on this guy?
similar words:
phrase: make it up to (someone)