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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
show off, show up, get the show on the road
grammatical pattern:
verb + obj. + obj., verb + smby + WH + clause, verb + smby + WH + inf., verb + that, verb + smby + that
Word Combinations (verb, noun)
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: shows, showing, showed, shown
definition 1: to cause or allow to be seen.
He showed me his new watch.[verb + obj. + obj. ] She showed her portfolio to all the best agencies.The children showed the teacher what they were making.[verb + smby + WH + clause ]
exhibit, present, reveal
conceal, hide
similar words:
bare, demonstrate, disclose, display, expose, indicate, produce, register, uncover
definition 2: to clarify, as by example; explain.
She showed me how to use the new printer.[verb + smby + WH + inf. ]
clarify, demonstrate, explain, explicate, illustrate
similar words:
elucidate, get across, indicate, inform, instruct, spell out, teach
definition 3: to direct.
The usher will show you to your seat.
guide, lead
similar words:
conduct, direct, escort, pilot, steer, usher
definition 4: to demonstrate or reveal.
His remark showed his ignorance.The tests showed that the man had died of poisoning.[verb + that ]
demonstrate, disclose, evince, manifest, reveal
disguise, suppress
similar words:
confirm, denote, display, document, evidence, exhibit, express, indicate, point, prove, reflect, register, substantiate, uncover, write
definition 5: to reveal to, inform, or prove to through tangible evidence.
Making all these mistakes on the test showed him that he needed to study more.[verb + smby + that ]
definition 6: to display or exhibit.
She is showing her paintings at the new gallery next week.
display, exhibit
similar words:
expose, offer, present, unveil
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to be seen.
Does the stain on my shirt show?
similar words:
appear, loom, stick out
definition 2: to become evident or visible.
Did the hard work show in his presentation?
come across
similar words:
appear, tell
definition 3: to exhibit what one has produced.
Some new artists will be showing next month at the gallery.
definition 4: in horse racing, to finish in third place.
I hoped the horse would win, but it only showed.
similar words:
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phrase: show off
phrase: show up
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a performance, display, or demonstration, usu. public.
Will you be attending the annual flower show?
display, exhibition, presentation
similar words:
act, fair, flash, performance, program
definition 2: a movie, drama, or other public presentation of entertainment or art.
Let's see a show on Broadway when we go into the city.
performance, presentation
similar words:
display, drama, production
definition 3: a television or radio program.
I watched an interesting show on TV last night.
similar words:
broadcast, performance
definition 4: an act of making something clear or manifest.
Some town leaders joined the picket line as a show of solidarity with the workers.
demonstration, display, expression, manifestation
similar words:
definition 5: an appearance or indication.
There was a show of blood on his sleeve.
appearance, evidence, indication
definition 6: falseness or pretense.
His bold declaration was nothing but show.
affectation, pretense, sham
similar words:
act, acting, masquerade, pose
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phrase: get the show on the road