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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: pra jekt
definition 1: any undertaking that requires great effort or organization.
The project of renovating the historic church will take years.His latest project is to put up shelves in the living room.
enterprise, undertaking, work
similar words:
activity, assignment, campaign, job, operation, task, venture
definition 2: an academic undertaking involving research.
She's at the library doing research for her science project.
similar words:
enterprise, research, study, undertaking, work
definition 3: (sometimes pl.) a large group of residential buildings, usually built with public money.
The city is building a housing project for the elderly in this neighborhood.When my dad lost his job, we moved into the projects.
similar words:
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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: pr jekt
inflections: projects, projecting, projected
definition 1: to throw or cast forward or outward.
He projects the image of a hero.Her acting coach taught her how to project her voice.
similar words:
butt, cast, emit, extend, fling, radiate, send, throw, transmit
definition 2: to plan or propose.
They're projecting a joint venture between their company and ours.
design, plan, propose
similar words:
contrive, devise, draft, frame, invent, outline, present, scheme
definition 3: to estimate or develop in one's imagination.
Can you project the cost of this venture?
calculate, estimate, extrapolate
similar words:
draft, forecast, outline, predetermine, predict
definition 4: to externalize (a thought or feeling) and ascribe to another person or thing.
He says I look down on him, but he's simply projecting his own feelings of inferiority.
similar words:
externalize, objectify, transfer
definition 5: to cause (an image, light, or shadow) to extend forward or appear on a surface.
In movie theaters, a machine is used to project film images onto a large screen.
similar words:
flash, show
part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: pr jekt
definition 1: to extend outward; protrude.
A balcony projects from the second floor.
jut out, poke out, protrude
similar words:
beetle, bulge, overhang, pout, start, stick, stick out, tongue
definition 2: to direct one's voice clearly and forcefully across a large space.
You will have to project in order for the audience to hear you.
definition 3: in psychology, to attribute one's own thoughts or feelings to someone else.
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