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suhr vihs
parts of speech:
noun, adjective, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act or an instance of helping.
The boy showed me the way to the hotel, and I thanked him for his service.
aid, assistance, help, ministration
similar words:
accommodation, turn
definition 2: the collective acts of one who serves, such as a waiter, repair person, or government employee.
The restaurant's food is very good, and the service is excellent as well.We had to take the car in for service last week.The president thanked the soldiers for their service to the country.
definition 3: a government department.
the foreign service
similar words:
definition 4: any work performed for a person or organization.
We offered our services to the neighborhood clean-up team.She was honored for her years of service to the community.
job, labor, work
similar words:
assistance, pay
definition 5: the provision of accommodation, communication, or transportation to the public.
There is no telephone or electrical service in the mountain areas.
similar words:
definition 6: (usu. pl.) any duties performed for the public, esp. of a professional nature.
The city offers free health services for the very poor.
definition 7: the armed forces; military.
He went into the service after high school.
armed forces, military
definition 8: a ceremony of religious worship.
We went to the evening service at our church.
similar words:
benediction, church, office, worship
definition 9: a set of dishes, utensils, or cutlery.
She always uses her good silver service for holiday dinners.
similar words:
definition 10: a business or agency that provides service to an institution or other business, or the service they provide.
When the students are ill, they go to the health service.The school decided to go with a different food service this year.How much does the restaurant pay for laundry service each month?
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part of speech: adjective
definition 1: of, relating to, or used by servants or those employed as waiters, janitors, and the like.
the service elevator
definition 2: of or relating to those who repair and maintain equipment or facilities.
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: services, servicing, serviced
definition 1: to repair and maintain in working order.
fix, repair
similar words:
adjust, maintain, restore, tune
definition 2: to make payments of interest on (a debt).
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