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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
use up, make use of, put to use
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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: yuz
inflections: uses, using, used
definition 1: to bring into service; employ, esp. habitually.
They've used a computer to store their data since the 1980s.Please use a black pen to fill out the form.
employ, utilize
similar words:
apply, avail oneself of, bestow, ply, wield, work
definition 2: to expend; consume.
He used his last dollar to buy some bread.
consume, expend, spend
similar words:
apply, bestow, burn, deplete, devour, eat, occupy
definition 3: to employ for selfish motives; exploit.
He used his friends to get what he wanted.
exploit, take advantage of
similar words:
impose upon, manipulate, play
definition 4: to partake of (drugs).
Some members of the band used heroin in addition to other drugs.
similar words:
abuse, partake of
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: used in the past tense in order to show a former habitual practice or state (fol. by an infinitve with "to").
I used to smoke, but I quit five years ago.[verb + infinitive ] Didn't you use to live in the apartment next door?[verb + infinitive ] She used to visit her grandmother every week, but she's been too busy lately.[verb + infinitive ] Gasoline used to be much cheaper than it is now.[verb + infinitive ]
similar words:
phrase: use up
part of speech: noun
pronunciation: yus
definition 1: the act or practice of using.
The use of wood for heating one's home has increased recently.
application, employment, usage, utilization
similar words:
definition 2: the fact or condition of being used.
The radio is always in use.
employment, operation
similar words:
service, wear
definition 3: way of using; usage.
I enjoy this writer's use of words.
handling, usage
similar words:
application, employment, style
definition 4: ability or permission to use.
She lost the use of her thumb after the accident.While we're renting the apartment, we have the use of the swimming pool.
similar words:
enjoyment, functioning, operation, run
definition 5: benefit; usefulness.
There's no use in fighting.
advantage, benefit, profit, usefulness
similar words:
account, avail, behoof, gain, good, point, service, value, worth
definition 6: purpose; function.
This machine has many uses.
function, purpose
similar words:
account, application, capacity, role
definition 7: occasion or need to use.
I no longer have any use for this typewriter.
similar words:
necessity, need, requirement
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phrase: make use of
phrase: put to use
Word Builder: use +
  • user:
    a person who uses something.
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