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intransitive verb, transitive verb, noun
serve one right
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: serves, serving, served
definition 1: to give aid or help; be of use.
He served as a volunteer at the hospital.
aid, assist, help
similar words:
attend, avail, minister, tend
definition 2: to work as a servant.
She served as a nanny to the children of the family.
similar words:
attend, work
definition 3: to fulfill a term of service, esp. in the military or government.
He served in the Army for ten years.
similar words:
definition 4: to have a particular function.
This table serves as a desk.
similar words:
act, avail, behave, pass muster, suffice, suit, work
definition 5: to offer or provide food or drink; work as a waiter or waitress.
How long have you been serving at this restaurant?
similar words:
cater, wait on, wait upon
definition 6: in tennis and other games, to hit the ball to begin a point.
Elena will be serving first in the match.
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to give aid or help to (an individual or individuals) either as a part of one's job or as a volunteer.
The clerk who served me at the jewelry counter was very knowledgeable.She believed it was her duty to serve those in need, so she devoted a great deal of time to her volunteer work.
aid, assist, help
similar words:
accommodate, attend, avail, benefit, oblige, succor, tend
definition 2: to be of use to, esp. to one's community or country and to those people, as a group, who live in these places.
They are serving the community by planting flowers and trees.
definition 3: to offer or provide food and drink to.
The waiter served us very efficiently, but he wasn't very friendly.
wait on
similar words:
accommodate, assist, help
definition 4: to offer or provide (food and drink).
She served the vegetables first and then the ham.The waiter forgot to serve the drinks.The restaurant serves dinner from five o'clock until eleven o'clock.
similar words:
bring, cater, provide
definition 5: to work for, esp. as a servant.
He served the family for many years as a butler.
wait on, work for
similar words:
assist, attend, wait upon
definition 6: to fulfill (a term of service, imprisonment, or the like).
She served two terms as a senator.He served ten years at the penitentiary.
similar words:
carry out, complete, do, fulfill, pass, perform, represent
definition 7: to provide with something; supply.
The pie will serve six people.
furnish, provide, supply
similar words:
deliver, give, grant, present, render
definition 8: to treat in a specified way.
It will serve him right to go to jail for all the terrible things he's done!
similar words:
fit, suit
definition 9: in tennis and other games, to hit (the ball) to begin a point.
She served the ball hard and made an ace.
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part of speech: noun
definition: in tennis and other games, an instance of serving, or the ability or tendency to serve in a particular way.
He has one of the most powerful serves in tennis.Go ahead. It's your serve.
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phrase: serve one right
Word Builder: serve +
  • server1:
    a person whose job is to serve customers at a restaurant.
  • server2:
    a computer that serves files to other computers.
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