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parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb
talk shop
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a small retail store.
There used to be a candy shop on this corner.A lot of new shops have opened up in the old part of town recently.
similar words:
business, canteen, market, store
definition 2: a place where a worker such as a mechanic or carpenter keeps tools and works.
He set up a shop in his basement where he could work on his carpentry.
definition 3: such a place in a service business where objects are made or repaired.
I was having some brake trouble and had to bring my car into the shop for repairs.
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phrase: talk shop
part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: shops, shopping, shopped
definition: to buy or examine goods in stores or shops.
The mall is convenient, but I still prefer to shop downtown.She and her mother are shopping for a prom dress this weekend.
similar words:
market, trade
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  • shopper:
    a person who shops.
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