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at wits' end, have one's wits about one, keep one's wits about one
Word Combinations (noun)
part of speech: noun
definition 1: (often pl.) the innate ability to perceive, think, or know; mental faculties; intelligence.
The detectives needed all their wits to solve the crime.
intelligence, understanding
similar words:
brains, common sense, comprehension, intellect, rationality, sense, smarts
definition 2: (often pl.) keenness and quickness of perception and judgment; ingenuity; cleverness; shrewdness.
Those were tough times and people had to live by their wits.
acuity, cleverness, ingenuity, perspicacity, shrewdness
similar words:
acumen, brilliance, cunning, discernment, insight, intuition, penetration, perception, sagacity, savvy, talent, wisdom
definition 3: the ability to express oneself in a clever, perceptive, and ingenious way that produces humor or pleasure for the intellect, or that which is expressed in this way and to this effect.
Shakespeare has always been admired for his wit.The wit in Mark Twain's novels has always charmed his readers.
cleverness, humor
similar words:
badinage, banter, comedian, drollery, levity, persiflage, repartee, waggery
definition 4: a person who has the ability to express thoughts and ideas in a clever, perceptive, and ingenious way that often produces humor.
Oscar Wilde, the Irish playwright and novelist, was famous as a wit.She shines at parties because she is such a wit.
similar words:
comedian, humorist, jester, joker, wag, wisecracker
definition 5: (usu. pl.) mental stability or effectiveness; rationality.
I was frightened out of my wits.
mind, senses
similar words:
balance, composure, rationality, sanity
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phrase: at wits' end, have one's wits about one, keep one's wits about one