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make up

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to constitute or compose.
Fifty states make up the United States of America.The U.S. Senate is made up of one hundred senators, two from each of the states.
constitute, form
similar words:
compose, create
definition 2: to prepare or put together.
I'll make up a lunch bag you can take with you.You should make up a list of everything you'll need to bring.
definition 3: to invent (a story, excuse, or the like) using one's mind.
He made up an excuse to stay home from work.The teacher made up an example to help the students understand.
definition 4: to make things right again; compensate; pay back (usu. fol. by "for").
When you've hurt someone's feelings to that extent, it's difficult to make up for it.
compensate, offset, repair
similar words:
atone, recompense, redress, supply
definition 5: to do (something) at a later time in order to compensate for something not done earlier.
I asked the instructor if I could make up the exam I missed because of being sick.He missed some piano lessons, so his teacher is having him make them up.
definition 6: to cause (something) to return to the right amount in compensation for earlier loss.
I couldn't work the full forty hours last week, so I'm making up the time this week by working late each night.
definition 7: to reconcile after a quarrel.
The couple had a bitter argument, but the two made up the next day.
similar words:
make amends, square