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come over

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to come from one place to another to see or do something with someone else (used only when people are in the same town, area, or space).
Come over here! I need you to see this.Why don't you come over and watch the game with us tonight?My friend came over in the morning to return the things she'd borrowed.
definition 2: to switch from one side or team to another side or team.
He'd always supported management in the past, so it was surprising when he finally came over to the worker's side.
definition 3: to travel across an ocean to settle in a new country.
Her grandparents had come over from Sweden in the nineteenth century, and her great aunt and uncle came over in 1910.
definition 4: to make a certain impression on others.
He comes over as a kind of fool sometimes, but he knows what he's doing.Maybe she doesn't realize it, but she comes over as rude and insensitive.
similar words:
come off
definition 5: of a mood or feeling, to start to affect (someone).
A great feeling of sadness came over her as she talked about her father.An odd sensation of déjà vu suddenly came over me.
definition 6: to be conquered by a strange or unwelcome sensation (usu. fol. by "all" plus an adjective).
Just standing there, I suddenly came over all faint.