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intransitive verb, transitive verb, noun
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: escapes, escaping, escaped
definition 1: to free oneself from physical confinement.
Two prisoners escaped from the prison during the night.I tried to close the door quickly, but the cat escaped.
flee, fly the coop, run
similar words:
abscond, bolt, clear out, dash, depart, exit, scram, skedaddle, slip away
definition 2: to avoid capture or other danger; get away.
Though roadblocks were set up, the criminal escaped.The house was on fire, but the family was able to escape.
similar words:
abscond, dodge, duck, evade, parry, run
definition 3: to leak out, as a fluid or gas.
The gas was able to escape because the seal was not tight.
issue, leak
similar words:
emanate, flow, gush, seep, spill, spurt, stream
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to get away from; avoid; evade.
Some people are able to escape punishment for their crimes.The little boy tried to escape being smothered with kisses by his well-meaning aunt.[verb + gerund ] He escaped going to prison because of his youth.[verb + gerund ]
avoid, elude, evade, flee, slip
similar words:
abandon, break, depart, desert, dodge, exit, leave, miss, shake, shun, skirt
definition 2: to elude (recollection or notice).
Fortunately, the insult escaped his notice.
similar words:
evade, miss, slip
definition 3: to slip out from by mistake, as a remark or comment.
The remark escaped my lips before I could reconsider.
leak out from, slip
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act or an instance of freeing oneself or escaping from physical confinement.
Escape from such a prison was thought to be impossible.It is still unclear how the captives made their escape.
extrication, flight, getaway
similar words:
break, breakout, departure, exodus, jailbreak, release, runaway
definition 2: the act of getting away from something dangerous.
They made their escape from the burning building just before the roof caved in.
definition 3: a means of getting away from something harmful.
Most apartment buildings are equipped with a fire escape.
egress, exit
similar words:
opening, outlet
definition 4: avoidance of, or a way in which to avoid, an unpleasant or event or situation.
Her escape from committee duties allowed her more time with her family.The patient had suffered so much that he saw death as an escape.As soon as he arrives at these dreaded social functions, he starts planning his escape.
avoidance, deliverance, extrication, freedom
similar words:
getaway, liberation, release
definition 5: a way to avoid reality.
The movies are a good escape.
similar words:
amusement, avoidance, delusion, distraction, evasion, illusion
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derivations: escapable (adj.), escaper (n.)
Word History
Escape comes from an early French word that means "to leave one's cape behind," which can happen when one is in a hurry.
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