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gae rn ti
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an assurance, esp. in writing, that something is of salable quality and will perform satisfactorily or be repaired or exchanged at the seller's or manufacturer's expense.
The microwave oven that I bought came with a one-year guarantee.
assurance, warrant, warranty
similar words:
insurance, pledge, promise, vow
definition 2: an assurance or pledge regarded as security that some obligation will be met.
The carpenter gave us his personal guarantee that the work would be done on time.
assurance, pledge, promise, warrant
similar words:
commitment, insurance, seal, vow, warranty
definition 3: something pledged as security for an obligation; collateral.
The king's daughter, pledged in marriage, became the guarantee of his promise to end his army's attacks.
collateral, gage, pledge, surety
similar words:
assurance, deposit, insurance, pawn, promise, warrant
definition 4: something that has the effect of assuring or promising a given outcome.
Her record of service to clients is a guarantee of her honesty and ability.The company's name became a guarantee of excellent craftsmanship.Separation of powers was seen as the guarantee against autocracy.
assurance, pledge, promise
similar words:
insurance, recommendation, testimonial, vow
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: guarantees, guaranteeing, guaranteed
definition 1: to assure the fulfillment of (an obligation, promise, or the like), or to serve as security for.
The constitution guarantees freedom of speech.The marriage alliance guaranteed peace between the warring regions.
pledge, warrant
similar words:
assure, ensure, obligate, secure, vouch
definition 2: to bear the responsibility for ensuring (the fulfillment of something desired or required by others).
The plumbing company guarantees the work of its employees.The government guaranteed the safety of the foreign diplomats.The company guarantees the product to work for at least a year.[verb + smby/smth + infinitive ]
assure, ensure, pledge, promise
similar words:
covenant, sponsor, vouch, vow, warrant
definition 3: to make (something) a certainty; ensure.
Bringing an umbrella seems to guarantee that it won't rain![verb + (that) + clause ] The mob used threats to guarantee the man's cooperation.Will paying the ransom money guarantee the boy's safe return?Good grades alone do not guarantee acceptance into a top-rated college.
definition 4: to assure or promise (something).
I guarantee that you won't regret this decision.[verb + (that) + clause ]
assure, pledge, promise
similar words:
certify, covenant, ensure, stipulate, vow, warrant
definition 5: to take responsibility for the quality or proper working of.
The company guarantees all its products.
definition 6: to promise protection of (someone or something) against liability or loss; indemnify; insure.
He said that if I was willing to invest, he would guarantee me against loss.
indemnify, insure, warrant
similar words:
assure, covenant, pledge, promise, underwrite
definition 7: (informal) to assure (someone) of something.
I guarantee you that this roof will never leak again.[verb + smby + (that) + clause ]
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