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ma nih tr
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a device for observing or recording continuous data about the function, operation, or condition of something, esp. a device that gives warning of an abnormal or potentially dangerous condition.
The sound-system monitor lets us know if any instrument is too loud or soft.The heart-lung monitor was showing a steady heart rate.
similar words:
detector, device, instrument, recorder, scanner, screen, sensor
definition 2: a student appointed to assist in keeping order within a school.
The hall monitor asked if we had a pass.
similar words:
admonitor, aide, assistant, overseer, prefect, supervisor
definition 3: a radio or television receiving device that is used in a control room to check the quality of transmission.
similar words:
device, pickup, receiver, scanner, screen, set
definition 4: a visual display screen for a computer terminal.
There is space for only the monitor and the keyboard on the desk.My eyes get tired from looking at the computer monitor all day.
similar words:
screen, terminal
definition 5: any of a variety of large carnivorous lizards of Southeast Asia and Australia; monitor lizard.
similar words:
lizard, reptile
definition 6: anything that serves to warn or remind.
similar words:
cautioner, remembrancer, supervisor
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: monitors, monitoring, monitored
definition 1: to observe in order to check the quality, correctness, progress, or safety of.
The supervisor monitors all our work procedures.The prison censor monitors all correspondence.The progress of the space mission was monitored by scientists on earth.
similar words:
assess, check, evaluate, examine, observe, overlook, review, scan, scrutinize, study, track
definition 2: to detect, keep track of, or check the quality of (television or radio signals) with a receiver.
similar words:
check, detect, inspect, keep track of, track
definition 3: to observe and record information about, esp. using continuously recording instruments.
This instrument monitors the movement of the stars.
similar words:
observe, record, track
definition 4: to observe critically; supervise.
A substitute teacher came in to monitor the exam.
observe, oversee, supervise
similar words:
proctor, superintend
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to serve as a recorder, detector, observer, or the like.
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