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keI zhn
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
on occasion
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an incident or event, or the time at which it happens.
She will inherit the property on the occasion of her marriage.A sad occasion such as this makes us appreciate the important things in life.Do you remember the occasion when we went out in the boat and we fell in the lake?He has been late on several occasions.
affair, episode, event, happening, incident, occurrence, time
similar words:
case, experience, instance
definition 2: a special event; celebration.
A party at the governor's mansion is always an occasion.You should wear something special for such a fancy occasion.
celebration, ceremony, commemoration, event
similar words:
affair, function, party
definition 3: a particular moment that may be favorable or appropriate to carry out some action; juncture.
This is a good occasion to stop and consider where we made our mistakes.I hope this is the right occasion to bring up this matter.
change, crossroads, juncture, opening, opportunity
similar words:
circumstance, point, season, situation, time
definition 4: an immediate cause of some event or action.
The discovery of his misconduct was the occasion of his immediate dismissal.
basis, cause, rationale, reason
similar words:
grounds, justification, source
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phrase: on occasion
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: occasions, occasioning, occasioned
definition: to bring about; provide the occasion for.
The leaking of information to the press occasioned his resignation.
bring, elicit, prompt, provoke
similar words:
beget, call for, cause, demand, engender, evoke, give rise to, incite, induce, need, originate, require
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